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Wholecloth Flowers and Feather Wreath

Price: $ 69.00

Shipping and handling:
$ 10.00

Size: 31" x 31"
Colors: Parchment
Fabric: 100% cotton
Batt: Quilter's Dream Polyester
Loft: Low
Quilting: By hand
Yards of quilting: 175 ! Navy blue thread, looks black.
Age: New July 2002

Comments:  Please take note:There are no visible flaws on the outside of this wallhanging. However, if held up to a strong light, a flaw is visible inside in the batting. Two pieces of batt were pieced together to make the required size for this wallhanging and it pulled apart in one spot. When wallhanging is hung on the wall it is as beautiful as one with no batting problems. Quilter didn't notice the problem until almost done with the quilt, hence the low price. Without the flaw, this quilt would be priced higher.

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