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After you submit this form, we will email you a # to use to identify this quilt on our site. Please use this number in the "subject" line of any email correspondence and when you send us your pictures (We will use up to 4). If you have your pictures already uploaded to the internet you can send us the URL address and we will retrieve them. (We cannot retrieve pictures stored on your computer hard drive.)

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The following form requires you to "copy and paste" it into an email message, then fill in the blanks.Put an "x" where there are choices and email to: Quilts USA

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Quilts USA
By submitting this form, you agree you have read, understand, and agree to the terms of this site.

Quilt name or pattern name:

Quilt size in inches:

Main colors of this quilt:

$Price you want for this quilt: I will add my consignment fee to this price to arrive at the actual selling price.*

$Your shipping and handling fee: Be sure to include the cost for insuring your quilt. We also require SIGNATURE proof of delivery for all quilt sales over $300.

Fabric Content:

Batting Content: (Include company name , if known)

Batting Loft:
Low loft
Medium loft
High loft

Hand quilted
Machine quilted

Hand applique
Machine applique
Fusible applique
No applique
See "comments" below

Hand pieced
Machine pieced
No piecing

Age of quilt:
Somewhere in between

Is anyone in your household a smoker?

I am the:
See "comments" below

Comments: Please include any stains, tears etc. plus any other information you believe would help sell your quilt.

What shipping methods do you use? USPS Priority Mail

Would you consider making quilts for "special orders"?

Your Name:

Street or Box:

City and State:

Zip Code:

Your email address:

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*The percentage we add is variable...please see the terms for further explanation.

You may wish to print this page for your records.

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