1. What type of quilts can I submit to Quilts USA? Just bed quilts? Bed quilts, baby quilts, wall hangings, table runners, lap quilts, miniatures, and Christmas tree skirts. Machine quilted, hand quilted, new or old. At this time we do not list quilted clothing or home accessories such as placemats, coasters, aprons etc.
2. "At this time"--does that mean you will be accepting them at a later time? We would like to and are trying to figure out the best way to do that. Since everything is sold on consignment by many individuals it presents a problem with programming the shopping cart system for shipping costs. For example, if a customer orders a table runner, a set of placemats and a tote bag the shopping cart would add shipping for each item as if they were bought from 3 different people. But if one person has made all three and would be shipping the items together, the shipping cost would be significantly lower than what would show on the shopping cart.
3. So what ? The shopping cart does that now for quilts. Even if the customer buys 2 quilts and they are from the same seller they are charged shipping for each. True. However because of the higher costs of quilts in general, Quilts USA recommends that each quilt is shipped separately to minimize the chances of damage, loss or theft.
4. How do I know you are who you say you are and can be trusted? That one's easy! Our ebay user ID is jtime9. Go to ebay's "search for seller" and type in our user ID. You will get our "feedback".
5. I don't like PayPal. Can't you just send me a check? No. We have been unable to find a workable way around this requirement that covers us all in case of a problem. The internet is rampant with fraud from buyers and sellers and sooner or later one is bound to surface. We must do what we can to limit the chances of fraud which is one of the reasons we REQUIRE a trackable signature proof of delivery for all quilts retailing for over $250.
6. You ask how much I want for shipping. How can I figure that when I don't know where the quilt is going ? You can come close. Generally the following will cover the costs for shipping USPS Priority anywhere in the US.
Smaller quilts up to and including crib quilts: $ 8 (5 lb.) + insurance + delivery confirmation or about $12-15.
Twin or double bed size: $17 (10 lb.) + insurance + delivery confirmation or about $30.
Queen size: $19 (12 lb.) + insurance + delivery confirmation or about $35.
King size: $24 (15 lb.) + insurance + delivery confirmation or about $45.
Insurance is $2 for the first $100 plus $1.00 per $100 up to $5000.
Regular delivery confirmation is $.40 or signature confirmation is $1.75.
If I believe your calculations are way off I'll let you know. To do your own calculations go to the USPS domestic calculator.
7. How soon can I expect my quilt to sell? We would all be very happy if they sold in a few days. However, that isn't usually the case. When I was sending my quilts to New England to a "brick and mortar" store they sold in anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months. Of course I also waited an additional 30 days to get paid and I didn't know if a quilt had sold until the check arrived. In the last year that same "brick and mortar" store has failed to sell several of my quilts which was unheard of before 9-11. They ALWAYS sold. The events of 9-11 have had a major impact on sales. Our ebay sales dropped to almost nothing and never came back. So, I guess you can tell by now that the answer to the question is: I don't have any idea when or if a quilt will sell.

Page updated 9-11-03

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